Chances of winning lotto in Hamilton low, report finds


Published September 25, 2023 at 10:43 am

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Does luck have something to do with where you live?

A new report by entertainment site CanadaCasino sought to find out. Based on percentage of wins, CanadaCasino analyzed nearly 2,500 recent winners announced on the websites of Canada’s five lottery corporations since 2022.

Hamilton wasn’t such a lucky city, ranking 14 among 20 Canadian cities.

The report found Hamilton saw only 5.37 per cent of lotto wins over $10,000.

Meanwhile, Montérégie, Que., was the luckiest city in Canada. Nearly one in five of its corporation’s lottery winners lived there. With nearly 18 per cent of all Loto-Québec winners since the start of 2022, it had the highest percentage of wins out of any lottery corporation in Canada.

Montréal was second, with 17.01 per cent of winners and Edmonton was third, with 16.67 per cent of winners.

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The three unluckiest cities were St. John’s (5.03 per cent of winners), Estrie, Que. (4.74 per cent of winners) and Toronto (4.55 per cent of winners).

Quebec was Canada’s luckiest province. It had eight locations in Canada’s top 20 luckiest cities.

The report also discovered the luckiest months of the year and the luckiest names across the country.

The luckiest month for lotto winners was November, with 10.94 per cent of wins that month.

July had the least amount of luck, seeing only 4.93 per cent of the total lottery wins over $10,000 since 2022.

The report also compared names. David, Dianne and Linda were the luckiest names in Canada with 34 wins for the former and 15 wins for the two women’s names each.

Canadian lotto winners commonly had the names David, Robert and Daniel, with 34, 32 and 29 winners respectively.

For women’s names, Diane and Linda were tied for the luckiest name, with 15 winners each.

Michel was the unluckiest name with 27 wins. Francine, Stéphane and Susan were the least lucky names for women with 10 wins.

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