Celebrating 100 Years: Hamilton Fire Station takes a trip down memory lane


Published September 28, 2023 at 5:20 pm

Photo Provided: City of Hamilton

One of Hamilton’s Fire stations is set to commemorate 100 years of its service on Sept. 30., and is hosting a community open house to mark this historic milestone.

Fire Station 26, previously known as the Lynden Fire Hall (119 Lynden Road) has been around since 1923 when a group of individuals volunteered their services to provide firefighting and rescue operations.

“So initially the fire hall was part of the Beverly Township and was referred to as station 2 in Beverly and then as part of the town of Flamborough,” Dave Cunliffe,  Fire Chief for Hamilton, told IntheHammer.com.

“And then more recently after we had amalgamation in 2001 and the area became part of the city of Hamilton, it was then transitioned into Hamilton Fire Department station number 26 Lynden, Chief Cunliffe added.

Fire departments worked differently in the early 1920s. Fires were extinguished with the famous “bucket brigade” – a practice where leather buckets filled with water were passed from firefighter to firefighter until the blaze was put out.

“The first Fire hall existed at the shop of the first Chief for almost 30 years and in his shop, he stored the first fire truck that Lynden had.”

Photo Provided: City of Hamilton

According to City staff, the station’s first fire truck, a model T, had to be towed to scenes by the Fire Chief’s own truck.

“And then certainly as the demand and things changed over the years, they added some additional vehicles,” Chief Cunliffe added.

The current fire hall that is now being operated was built in 1976.

Photo Provided: City of Hamilton

“The Lynden Fire Department and now Hamilton Station 26 is a big part of the fabric of this community.”

“The fire department doesn’t just respond to emergency calls, it also plays a role. So, you know, throughout the years, the firefighters would do community service work,” Chief Cunliffe added.

The Fire Hall has sponsored local sports teams, participated in the Canada Day parade, and organized an annual Christmas food drive to support those in need.

The sense of community spirit has endured over the years, extending to residents who opt to serve as volunteer firefighters in the locality even today.

“Being a volunteer firefighter and certainly in the past, but more so today, it’s a significant commitment.”

“When the emergency calls come in for the different stations, they’re basically dropping what they’re doing, whether it’s at work or whether it’s at home with their family or at a social event, and they’re responding to the station to go and help others,” explained Cheif Cunllife.

The Lynden Fire Station currently has 25 volunteer firefighters serving throughout the city.

Throughout the past century, despite the evolution of technology and the development of professional firefighting practices, Fire Station 26 has remained an unwavering cornerstone of the community, according to Hamilton’s Fire Chief.

At the community open house set to take place between

“I’m most excited about having an opportunity to see both past members and current members of the station interact and show the pride that they have in their station and in what they do in terms of serving the community,” concluded Chief Cunliffe.

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