CAUGHT ON VIDEO: 'Loin-clothed plant chucker' in North Hamilton


A Hamilton Redditor has shared security cam footage of a man in a state of undress in North Hamilton throwing a plant onto Burlington Street.

The video, entitled ‘Loin-clothed plant chucker’ was shared by user Agent Peach and shows a man crossing Burlington Street in front of Collective Arts and grabbing a potted plant an throwing it into the path of an oncoming Blue Line cab.

Really, there’s nothing more ‘Hamilton’ than this scenario on its own, but the thing that makes it a little extra is the fact that the ‘perpetrator’ is wearing what appears to be a loincloth.

Perhaps it’s a diaper or one of those ‘Brokinis’ that seem to be all the rage. Either way, the video serves as a warning to Hamilton’s plant lovers to perhaps weigh down your outdoor planters or they too could fall victim to those less plant-inclined.

Loin-clothed plant chucker from r/Hamilton

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