CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Hamilton Police Looking Into Incident of Protesters Confronting Elderly Couple


Hamilton police said they’re looking into reports of an elderly couple being harassed by protesters outside a People’s Party of Canada event in Hamilton on Sunday (Sept 29).

Video footage has surfaced on social media showing a woman with a walker and a companion presumably trying to access the PPC meeting at the Mohawk College McIntyre Performing Arts Centre.

The video shows protesters refusing to move out of the way and shouting down the couple. The video cuts off before the scene is resolved.

The first few moments [of the incident] took place away from officers,” Hamilton police say. “Officers intervened and escorted the woman and her companion into the venue.”

Antifa in Hamilton Ontario threatening a senior with a walker from r/RightwingLGBT

The footage has gotten a lot of attention on social media. Hamilton police tweeted late Monday afternoon that they were looking into the incident.

Police say they “are in the process of collecting video evidence and further charges may be pending after the political speaking event.”

Investigators are reviewing video and speaking to witnesses, police say, to determine if reasonable grounds exist to charge individuals with criminal code offences.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hamilton Police at (905) 546-8966.

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