Burlington Liberal calls out Conservatives for 'Jewish-targeting' literature


We’ve seen so-called “micro-targeting” of voters by political parties and the more cynical out there would call that ‘pandering’ instead…but it may be getting a bit uglier out there, as if this federal election already isn’t. 

Burlington Liberal candidate Karina Gould, who is running for reelection, posted on her Twitter feed a picture of a recent flyer being distributed by Conservatives in her riding. The flyer specifically asks “Who is the real friend of Israel and the Jewish community?” in Canada.

The mailer consists of a list of policies between the Conservatives and Liberals that ‘contrasted’ their views towards Israel and the Jewish community, such as:

  • The location of the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem (Tories say they support it and say Liberals will not move the embassy)

  • Conservatives will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

  • Will not permit anti-Semites to run for the Conservative Party (Tories have called out the Liberals for allowing candidates with anti-Semitic views or whom associated with anti-Semitic ‘activists’)

  • Having a tougher stance on Iran, whereas the Liberals ‘have ignored the threat of Iran.’

  • Opposed paying Omar Khadr $10 million, saying the Liberals only respond to terror issues under ‘public pressure’.

Gould said a constituent had given her the flyer after ‘being visibly distraught’ on receiving it. The constituent was Jewish and Gould said she was upset she was ‘being targeted’ this way to ‘fan the flames of division.’ 

I am appalled that the #CPC would target Jewish Canadians so blatantly and choose to divide Canadians. I am part of the Jewish-Muslim caucus in Ottawa. We strive to work together to build bridges between our communities, to fight anti-semitism, islamophobia and all forms of hate,” Gould tweeted.

Conservatives should know better. You made my constituent feel threatened and targeted. Whenever the flames of intolerance are fanned, it is Jewish Canadians who experience increased attacks. I expect better from all politicians. Shame on you.”

Another Twitter user said it was “creepy” that the Conservatives seemingly had a list of “Jewish voters” and that it was offensive to assume they voted as a bloc for one party.

But a reply to Gould’s tweets pointed out that Justin Trudeau was pictured associating with Amin El-Maoued, who has expressed anti-Semitic views in the past, which the Conservatives have used as examples of their rivals’ problem with dealing with anti-Semitism.

The plight of Jewish Canadians and Jews around the world is a very detailed and sometimes hard to talk about history. While there are surely scores of Jewish Canadians that do vote based on government policy towards Israel, there are many out there that could care less.

Do you think the Conservatives were right to mail out this targeted flyer for Jewish voters?

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