Art Gallery of Hamilton exhibit closing Sunday bending reality, “sur-reality”


Published January 3, 2024 at 4:18 pm

Chun Hua Catherine Dong. Out of the Blue – No.3. 2023. Courtesy of the Artist.

In an age of reality shows, fake news, and weakened social and political structures, our sense of reality is quickly shifting.

And as of Sunday, an art exhibit at the Art Gallery of Hamilton created around the idea of reality and sur-reality, will be reality no more as Realism, Surrealism and the Fantastic is closing down.

This exhibition explores the relationship between a logical view of life and the unconscious mind, fantasies, and the dream world,” declared the downtown gallery in describing the exhibit.

The artists in this show “find magic in the unexpected and the unnatural, the overlooked and the odd.”  Their work challenges values and norms in search of new realities and freedom with imagination front centre and “driven by the psychological rather than the logical.”

Organized by theme, the exhibition brings together works by historical and contemporary artists who reflect and reimagine the body and the everyday in staging new and provocative worlds.

Jeeyoung Lee, La Vie En Rose, 2016. Photo courtesy of the Artist.

Kim Adams, Stephen Altena, Robin Arseneault, Iain Baxter & Shary Boyle, Alex Colville, DaveandJenn, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Fausta Facciponte, Michelle Forsyth, Gilbert Garcin, Karine Giboulo, Richard Greck, John Hall, Peter Harris, Carmela Laganse, JeeYoung Lee, Louis de Niverville, Emmanuel Nwogbo, Meret Oppenheim, Evan Penny, Rick Pottruff, Christopher Pratt, Mary Pratt, Cesar Santander, Sarah Sproule, stylo starr, Tim Whiten, Chloe Wise and Xiaojing Yan.

The exhibit is presented by Incite Foundation for the Arts.

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