An update from the HWDSB


The Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) announced how it plans to approach the disruption caused by the province-wide school closure associated with COVID-19.

According to the latest update, the HWDSB will be working with students through distance learning to ensure they are able to complete their academic years.

As a result, all students in kindergarten through grade 8 will receive their final report card for the year.

For students in kindergarten through grade 8, final grades will be entered in June, and will be based on work completed before school closures on March 13, 2020.

However, work completed by students after March 13 will be considered if it demonstrates a student has met expectations and would improve their grade.

Additionally, grades can be improved beyond March 13 based on teacher feedback regarding students’ performance related to assigned tasks.

For students in high school, final grades will be reported in June, and they will be based on work completed before March 13 and after April 6.

High school students’ final grades can be improved after March 13 based on teachers’ feedback and assessment of the completion of assigned tasks.

Further, for students in grade 12 who will be graduating and plan on attending post-secondary education in the fall, mid-term grades will be determined based on work completed before March 13. However, students will be afforded the opportunity to submit additional work to boost their mid-term grades.

For graduating students planning on applying to universities, mid-term grades will be submitted to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) between April 23 and May 1.

Further, the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) has confirmed that midterm grades from this semester will not be required for admissions in the fall.

As well, students looking to continue their studies from home but don’t have access to a device with which to do so may be able to receive one from the school board.

This week, staff from elementary and secondary schools all available devices for students who need access to one, identified by last week's outreach by staff.

Starting next week, the devices will be issued to students who have indicated a need for one.

Family members of students who may need a device but have not been contacted can request one by calling the Education Centre at 905-527-5092, or emailing them and providing their contact information and the name of the child’s school.

Cover photo courtesy of the HWDSB’s Twitter

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