Alectra and the City of Hamilton investigating a potential security breach


The City of Hamilton is currently investigating a possible breach of data involving third-party vendors associated with Alectra. 

The City has an agreement with Alectra related to water-related services which include meter reading, billing, payment, collections, and customer care services.

As part of this agreement, the City provides Alectra with information including property owner names, service addresses, billing addresses, and tax assessment roll numbers.

The City has learned there may have been a privacy breach wherein third-party vendors associated with Alectra may have access to this information—however, it has not yet been confirmed. 

As a result, the City has requested Alectra investigate the potential breach and notify City officials of the details immediately. 

According to a tweet from Alectra, they are not currently aware of any information being compromised, but they will continue to monitor the situation. 

Anyone who is concerned they might be impacted can contact Alectra Utilities at (905) 317-4781

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