“Alarming speeds” on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway a safety concern – Hamilton Police


Published February 27, 2024 at 10:06 am

Hamilton Police laid 19 stunt driving charges in January, with excessive speed a major safety concern – especially on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway.

This past weekend alone Hamilton Police officers observed “alarming speeds” on the ‘Linc,’ citing a  23-year-old G2 driver going more than 140 km/hr in a 90 km/h zone, claiming to be “going to see a friend,” another driver clocked at 157 km/hr near Golf Links and a third caught speeding at 160 km/hr, with the 20-year-old driver using the excuse they were “trying to get home from work.”

The numbers of violators emphasize the need to enforce stunt driving throughout the city, Hamilton Police said in a news release, adding that police are grateful for “those who obey traffic laws, contributing to the overall safety of our community.

“Your cooperation is vital in maintaining a secure environment for everyone. Let’s make responsible choices on the road and prioritize safety for everyone,”

Police say the most common violations include:

  • Speeding by 40 km/hr or more in a zone less than 80 km/hr
  • Speeding by 50 km/hr or more in a zone 80 km/hr or more
  • Racing
  • All tires not in contact with the highway
  • Spin or circle without control
  • Stop or slow to interfere with another driver

Stunt Driving is subject to an immediate 14-day vehicle impoundment and 30-day driver’s licence suspension and a possible jail term up to six months. Fines range from $2,000 to $10,000 and there is a post-conviction licence suspension with escalating duration. Stunt driving will also cost the driver six demerit points and lead to a mandatory driving improvement course.

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